Scribbles & Bits 19: Through the storm

In excess joy of soul dancing at the passing tempest's edge In defiance springing taunting departing chaos's waves In celebration cavorting Sustaining light's return!

Hope - Last out of Pandora's box

When all around in chaos seem Hope is that flickering gleam That points to the order that came against logic's border Entropy defying and through history's cycles flying. There is a plan! Though yet beyond the ken of man.

The Last out of Pandora's box - Challenge

With the evidence for all that leapt first out of that box into the world What gives strength to the last to leave the box? What gives reason to Hope!  Write and give light to the Hope that is in you!    

Scribbles & Bits 18: All that preparation?

     Now that was the year, when the clan decided that we were overdue for a total Family get together.  It had simply been ages since we'd all been oldest to youngest in that same place at one time.  It was to be held at the home with the most scenic...

Scribbles & Bits 17: An imponderable

Courage, something we all wish for and something which can not necessarily be quantified. C ommitment to         O thers above self        U nder stress and              R igorous opposition.       A gainst odds facing G...

Scribbles & Bits 16: Credence to Auguries?

On that great day the Magnificent Linguini peered through the  knothole of time to make his judicious pronouncements.  After accounting for the inviolate intracasies of the immutable then deciphering the cryptic hieroglyphics he was ready to...

What says this?

After Nature unleashed its fury, uprooting the safety and security of many of our brothers and sisters.  Many hearts and hands sought ways to help and lift up.  Either by giving from what they have or interupting their lives to go and give of their...